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a safe, caring and stimulating environment for children



We opened our purpose built centre in Raheny Village to our very first families in September 2002.


We believed from day one that children & parents deserved the highest standard of care & attention in a homely environment that we as Early Years Providers would strive to provide 

Our fantastic dedicated and highly skilled team grew in numbers as more and more families recommended us to their families and friends, and 16 years on, we still believe every day is a school day and strive to develop and learn more as an ever changing generation would demand


We will foster a child’s natural love for learning


Our curriculum will be based on the premise that children are the leaders in their own education using Emerging Curriculum.  We will prompt children in Tir Na nÓg to question, seek, explore & discover


A safe, developmentally appropriate environment that respects, supports and celebrates children’s individual needs, culture and differences.


An environment, which encourages children to express themselves freely and spontaneously and promotes enthusiasm for learning. To also ensure that children can feel a sense of belonging


We believe that Children should be respected as individuals and their self-esteem should never be undermined and our quality care means that a child’s needs are taken care of and above all, fulfilling their need for love & attention


We believe in promoting and showing positive behaviour


We believe that ongoing training is the core of successful and understanding staff.  Children’s needs vary and change on a continual basis and this needs to be mirrored in continual training of all staff.


We have high expectations of the children and of ourselves.


We believe that children need to experience things for themselves to learn.  We will scaffold/support children’s learning to ensure that their learning play can be maximised

We believe that children learn more and are most successful when playing or doing something they have chosen for themselves

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