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a safe, caring and stimulating environment for children

Preschool ECCE

Weekly Opening Hours


ECCE Operates 38 weeks of the year in line with school Calendars

September - June


Creche Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 51 weeks of the year

Tir Na nÓg strongly acknowledges the importance of Play-Based Learning; our Early Childhood Providers work together to plan an emergent curriculum that is based on their on-going observations and reflection of the children’s interests; activity planning is on-going and dynamic.


Play is recognised as a vital path to learning as it capitalises on children’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm to absorb new information.


The physical space in our early childhood settings is carefully planned out as we believe it plays a key role in learning and development.

At Tir Na nÓg we believe that Children should be respected as individuals and their self-esteem should never be undermined


It is our goal to ensure that each individual child is given the opportunity to develop physically, socially and cognitively according to their individual learning style 

Our Mission is to provide families with a safe, caring and stimulating environment for children to grow and develop

Our quality care means that a child’s needs are taken care of and above all, fulfilling their need for love & attention

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